Hello! I'm Melanie Hill.


I have always been extremely invested in and a huge supporter of public education. I attended Grandview Elementary, Young Junior High School and am a proud graduate of Dothan High School, Class of 1982! My parents and three siblings are products of Dothan City Schools and my husband, Walter, graduated from public school in Mississippi. 













I am ready to make a difference in education in Alabama! I sincerely appreciate your vote on July 17, 2018 for District 2 Alabama Board of Education. 

Here's what I believe...
• Our public education system can improve.
• Businesses and schools should be tied together to help attract

businesses and industry to Alabama to provide the

workforce needed for those companies. 
• Alabama should have strong standards that children must

meet in order to be successful in our school systems.
• Teachers should feel support from the highest level.
• Decisions should be made at the local level for school systems as much as possible simply because school boards, superintendents and system employees know their communities and their students better than people sitting in Montgomery. 


Thank you for your interest in our campaign! With your generous support, the Melanie Hill for District 2 Board of Education campaign will have the financial resources necessary to communicate her positive message of "Ideas to Action."

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Whether it's through donating, passing out information or making a few phone calls on my behalf, I would sincerely appreciate any help you would be willing to offer.

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What's important to me...

School Safety

School safety has been an issue in our schools for a while now, but recently it became front and center once again. No parent feels comfortable if their child isn’t safe and no student can learn if they don’t feel safe. I am convinced there is no one size fits all to solve the issue of school safety. I believe that it will take a combined effort to make schools safer. It is about improving school security, strengthening mental health care, providing School Resource Officers and so much more. Above all, I think it is an issue that should be decided at the local level. The state should provide ideas, resources and funding, but each school system should decide the right safety measures for their system. There is so much we can do when we work together.

I have been in leadership roles professionally, in my church and in my community for over 25 years. I have provided countless hours of professional and leadership development for people all across the country. One of the leadership principles that I have practiced and taught others is the value of accessibility. People need to know that they can reach you…that they can have a conversation with you…and mostly that you will listen and really hear their concerns. I have been listening for a long time to teachers, parents, principals, superintendents and I will continue to not only listen, but actively engage people. My cell phone number is 334.596.9145. Feel free to call me any time.


Listening to Teachers

When I kicked off my campaign one of the most important goals I set was to intentionally reach out to meet as many educators as I possibly could. I have accomplished this goal in many ways. I attended teacher institutes which are designed to kick off their new school year. I met face to face with every superintendent in their office from the 26 schools systems in District 2. I enjoyed multiple school tours and career tech center tours. I attended many school events within different communities. I traveled over 8,000 miles in the last 10 months to accomplish this goal and I have enjoyed every single conversation. I continue to believe that many of the solutions we need lie in the minds and hearts of teachers. I have heard many teachers say “nobody ever asks us.” Well, I am asking and I am listening.

Common Core

I believe it is past time to stop Common Core. We must replace it with stronger standards and a better system that will help leverage our students to be on a competitive level with the United States and globally.